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John Drake

Trolling/Forum Disruption: Notice to all users from Site Admin

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It has been brought to my attention that a small number of members are causing a significant amount of disruption in this forum due to various ongoing accusations of trolling etc, and have ignored all requests by the forum moderator to cut it out, or place those whose posts they do not want to see on their 'ignore' list.

As a result, I have temporarily removed the posting rights of five members from posting in this forum until they get the message that their behaviour is not appreciated and must stop if they are to be allowed to return.

We have a few basic, simple rules that apply across the whole of TotalRL.com, including this forum, and we have volunteer moderators who do their best to maintain them and ensure the forums are a place for debate and discussion, not a platform for individuals to air personal grievances or persistently accuse others of trolling.

If you think someone is trolling, RULE 1 is always: DO NOT RESPOND. Use the report button to bring it to the attention of the moderator(s) and Site Admins and let them deal with it.

If there is a particular person who the moderator(s) or Site Admin do not regard as a troll but whose posts simply annoy you and you do not want to keep seeing them, you can put them on your own personal 'ignore' list.


In the top right hand corner, click the small triangle at the side of your username and from the drop-down menu click 'Ignored Users'. Enter the username you want to ignore. Select the options you want to ignore (posts/messages/signature/mentions or all four) and click 'Add User'.

That's it! You'll never see or hear from them again (unless someone else quotes them in a post, but even then you are not obliged to respond to them, just report it as above).

As the Workington Town forum is hosted by TotalRL.com, any member of TotalRL.com can post in it if they want to, and yes, that even includes Whitehaven fans, but ALL TotalRL.com members are bound by the same standard set of rules which do not condone or permit trolling of any kind, by anyone, in any part of the forum.


If you are unsure of our rules, you can refresh your memory of them here:

This is a Rugby League forum, and we completely understand that rival fans enjoy a bit of banter with each other every now and then. But when it becomes persistent, personal or impacts on the enjoyment of the forum by other members, we will step in and crack down on it.

Sorry to get heavy-handed, as I'm sure most members manage to use the forum for its intended purpose without any problem, but sometimes a few think the rules don't apply to them, and that the moderator(s) can be ignored, and that's when Site Admin will step in.

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