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Dear Diary

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17 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

You know you're getting a bit too obsessed with your airline management game when you spend 7 hours making a spreadsheet and doing endless mathematics and equations to evaluate the best way forward for your airline. :kolobok_ph34r:

You are the new CEO of Boeing, aren't you? Listen, you can't fix the 737 Max with a spreadsheet. Just ask the previous guy.

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On 24/12/2019 at 17:08, tonyXIII said:

you can't fix ................ with a spreadsheet.

Fill in as applicable produce at least fifty of them to prove what you believe but don't forget to carry a clip board everywhere so everyone will think you're busy.

It's from my new book called the Myths of Modern Business Practice or How to Keep the Golden Hello and Hide the Gloden Handshake.

I'm waiting for the post Brexit off-shore windfall for the final chapter on Salting Away the Goodies.

Dear Diary today is officially my last day of work even though I'm not working today, so new chapter, onwards and upwards.

Good luck in Airstrip One Tony.

Regards Russ


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"It is, by a million miles, a better sport than union. League is 80 minutes of physicality, speed, good handling, good kicking. It’s continuous."

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Well that was a wasted journey. I got as far as Birmingham International on my up to Barrow to watch the Raiders v Oldham rugby league game. Think I am having a bad day? Well,not as bad as the poor ###### who’s body is on the track at Stetchford

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Ron Banks

Bears and Barrow

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