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The King Of Leon

Another nail biter 80 mins

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What team spirit we have at the Club at the mo, that's 6 wins on the bounce now including a double over Oldham. These are games we would have lost in previous seasons but are now through grit determination and fitness winning games in the 2nd half. Yes , we are still giving away the half time try and today was no different handing 8 points away in the last couple of mins before HT but as in previous games turned it around 2nd half. Sandersons long passes are a joy to watch and with new signing Zak Braham blasting his way through we have more fire power in the pack and with Straugher to come back its looking pretty good.A  tremendous game today and about time rugby fans in South Leeds came out of the pubs and clubs and supported their local club.

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We keep pulling 'em out don't we! To be honest I thought both teams were a bit 'off' yesterday, yes there was some good defence on show, but the game was never really allowed to develop due to the idiosyncratic** refereeing display. Think the score was just about right in the end though the final few minutes seemed never-ending! And in an echo of the away game Oldham, in the lead and in a period of the second half when they were on top, dropped the ball over the line, we go up the other end and score and the whole complexion of the game changed.

Braham has now come on and help alter the course of the game in both games he's played, the half backs got the better of their opposite numbers but really a good team performance and never-say-die attitude. If only we could be in front against a fellow top 8 side with 10-15 minutes to go!!

Next up, a trip to Wrexham and potential banana skin so we need to send a strong squad and maintain focus...

** I thought long and hard about the least disrespectful manner to describe the referee's performance before settling on 'idiosyncratic' :banghead:

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