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If ever the club wondered why we don't get better crowds yesterday was a massive reason why. £15 to see players play like 7 year olds. Every mistake possible was committed. We have had great spells in matches but rarely played 80 mins this season. Our goaline defence is shocking. With the exception of  Chappell our three quarters  we're non existent. Thornton coming across as very limited now with constantly swapping the team around and still can't believe we have played all season with one lightweight winger

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Quite amazing really how we managed to fit every cardinal sin in the rugby league manual into that second 40 minutes:
-    kicking out on the full
-    unforced handling errors in own half - maybe 6 or 7 times?
-    conceding a try from dummy half close to the line - twice
-    attempting to field a ball that was clearly going out of play
-    two defenders going for the same bomb
-    kick off failing to go 10 metres
-    indiscipline causing us to go down to 12 men
... and much, much more.

We have to question the value of bringing a host of new players into a side that had won seven on the trot - because since it happens we've lost three straight and in each one the performance has been inferior to the previous one.

Seems pretty obvious that the half-backs have been sussed now, they've been second best for a few weeks and yesterday's performance was a complete reversal of the away game, this time the (different) Doncaster pairing were as dominant as ours were at the Keepmoat in May.

Well - Keighley should be interesting if nothing else; a team that's just lost to Coventry against a team that's just delivered its worst performance for twelve months!  

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12 hours ago, spanishknight said:

You seem very up and down this season, one week your world beaters then the next your shocking.

It's the same with all the teams in positions 3 to 9; pick any one of them and look at their results on a week to week basis and you can't make head nor tail of them. Only two teams have shown any consistency through the season as the league table clearly shows. Talking of which, congratulations on your win yesterday ...

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with the exception of the top two, the next 7 teams are very much at the same level. Looking back at the game, we did not play even 25% as well as we did against Bradford. In fact for the Bradford game, if we had Flanagan in our team on the day instead of Bradford it would  have been very close game. On the day he scored 2 tries for them and would have scored one for us. 

I can't help thinking that the heat and the fatigue of the Bradford game was on display on Sunday. I too can not remember Hunslet making so many basics errors in 40 minutes [the second half]. Hawkwindbag i think you have perfectly detailed basic errors

Yes we have lost 3 straight games, but up until then we were on a real roll. Beating Oldham home & away, beating Whitehaven  & Workington at home, also Doncaster away were all really good results. For my part, I am a very happy that we have Gary Thornton as our coach. all teams have a bad day at the office on occasion

Looking at the other teams fixtures, I still think there is real chance of finishing in the play off places.

Mind the way rugby league is financed in the divisions below super league, I'm not sure I want Hunslet to be promoted.


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