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Denver test is dead

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2 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

I agree with what you're saying about Australia attracting non-diehards because it is a well known rivalry in all sports and it is good if it attracts new people.

Possibly the most boring game I have ever been to was the four nations final at anfield mainly because Australia were just so dominant. There was nothing particularly exciting or competitive about the game and the crowd certainly didn't get into it much. In that same tournament there was the Aus v Scotland game at caravan park. I live in Hull but couldn't be bothered to go see Australia play in my own city because I knew it would be another run of the mill slaughtering and not exciting as a result. You'll notice in that tournament England v Aus got a smaller crowd in London than England v NZ did the year before as well. 

Please don't get me wrong, i love England v Australia games, I am just saying that certainly in recent years I have enjoyed watching England play other teams more, and haven't been bothered about watching Aus play anyone other than England. There might have been a rivalry in the past but I think a rivalry is more so when it is actually competitive and I can't see England beating Australia again for a little while yet. 

I understand everything that you say. It is frustrating when you watch or attend a game and it's completely one sided. I was unlucky and picked the Tri-Nations final in 2004 (?) to attend. Whatever year it was, it was the game at Elland Road when Australia smashed GB 45-4 or whatever it was. It was all over by half time and what I was hoping would be a close and competitive game, was pretty much a waste of time going to. Not so bad if you lived in Leeds, but a bit more frustrating when you've travelled up from Southampton! In fairness, I did stay with a friend in Wakefield for a couple of days, so it wasn't entirely a wasted trip. That's sport though - you can't ever guarantee anything, other than that Australia will always win. You just have to hope it won't be by too many. :)

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