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Dave Naylor

Which Cup's Which

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There's probably a simple explanation to this but I'm going to ask the question anyway. 

None of it really matters in the big scheme of things but  take a look at this image:


(1) Shows York last weekend after they beat Whitehaven and assured top spot and promotion.  

(2) Shows Swinton after winning the 2015 play-offs (2v5, 3v4 then the winners play a final).

(3) Shows Lewis Palfrey after we won the 2015 1v2 play-off.

(4) Shows Lewis Palfrey with the 2015 League Leaders Shield.

(5) Shows Crooky and Hairnets after winning the 2016 1v2 play-off in Toulouse.


So (3) and (5) are the same cup for the same thing (winning 1v2)

(4) is the League Leaders shield held by James Ford in (1)

(2) is for winning the mini-knockout competition that we're now presumably playing for.


In (1) York won the League Leaders Shield — check — but why did they also pick up the cup shown in (3) and (5).

What are the winners of the play-off between losing play-off final and bottom of the Championship going to get.  Do we need another cup?

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My guess would be that the trophies (2) and (3/5) were made when it was champions up automatic plus one in the play offs so only 2 trophies needed, (2) being for the play off winners and (3/5) being for the champions.

Then they changed it so that the champions no longer went up automatically but 2 teams got promoted via the play offs, so the former champions trophy (3/5) became a bit like a grand final trophy and was awarded to the winners of 1 v 2 and the old play off trophy (2) was awarded to the winners of the play offs that the losers of 1 v 2 went in to along with some lower placed teams. At this point it was felt that the team finishing top in the regular season ought to receive something in case they lost out completely in the play offs, and so a Super League style league leaders shield (4) was created.

Prior to the very recent restructure, we were back to champions up automatic plus one in the play offs so only 2 trophies were needed but 3 existed, hence why both the league leaders shield (4) as well as the trophy that had previously been the league champions trophy and later the 'grand final trophy' (3/5), were awarded to the league champions in photo (1). Leaving the old play off trophy (2) for the eventual play off winners.

The one thing making me doubt this is the very recent introduction of the cross-division play off game which you'd think they'd have held back a 3rd trophy for. My best guess is that the writing on trophy (3/5) contains some wording alluding to being 'champions' and so was deemed inappropriate for for awarding to the winners of a play off in which 1st place never competed, and obviously the league leaders shield is inappropriate for anyone other than the team finishing 1st, leaving just one other trophy that would be needed for the initial play off final.

I would guess therefore that they've either created a new one for the winners of the cross-division game (presumably cheap if the restructure decrees it's only going to be needed once), or it was felt that potentially awarding a trophy to a team who has avoided relegation rather than won a promotion, and that after finishing bottom of the league, was inappropriate, and therefore there will be no trophy for that game.

I may be completely wrong about all of the above, it's only a theory, but the best i could come up with.

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