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Pre war programmes on ebay

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I have just listed a small collection of pre war programmes ( couple of wartime/fifties) on ebay, link to one below then you can find my other items for sale


Seller id is psleeman

Mainly Wigan and St Helens with a couple of nice Australian tour matches/Test. Leeds also feature as the away team a couple of times.

Condition across the board not great but generally while folded etc the team lines ups are intact and untouched and given the quality of the paper you can see why not many survive the years!



2018-12-15 13.21.06.jpg

2018-12-15 13.21.54.jpg


2018-12-15 13.23.50.jpg


2018-12-15 13.24.34.jpg

2018-12-15 13.24.46.jpg

2018-12-15 13.25.00.jpg

2018-12-15 13.25.41.jpg

2018-12-15 13.25.55.jpg

2018-12-15 13.26.08.jpg

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On ‎3‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 11:04 AM, pafcprogs said:

Quick update, these all sold .

How much would a better quality 1938 Challenge cup final, Barrow v Salford go for?

or a near mint 1954 Championship final programme?


Non solum autem Leones

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