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War Chest Challenge(ends30/3)

Kevin Nicholas

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We always need more members in our War Chest so here is an offer which begins now and expires midnight on 30/3.

If you agree to become a new member in our War Chest by paying £100 for season or £5 everytime we win a game then if we are relegated you get whatever money you have put in back and win the same again. So if you have put in £100 you get that back and another £100. If eg. you pay in £25 for 5 wins and we get relegated you get your £25 back and another £25. If we are not relegated then whatever you have put in helps the Club pay any winning pay and each win you have a chance yourself of winning £100 in our members free draw and get 50p a pint off in Rons lounge before each game whether or not we win.

It is a win win situation surely?

Please no sarcastic comments but either agree to join or don’t. No issue either way. There are no other conditions just a straight join or don’t.

i will let you know if we manage to get any new members on Sunday. You don’t  even need to be a Bulldogs supporter to join!

Trying to turn a negative into a potential  positive.

If you wish to join then email me and i will confirm your membership number to go in the draw. Indicate whether you wish to pay £100 or £5 per win. My email is-


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