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Referee policies amended to cut out “cheating”

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The RFL and Super League have amended refereeing policies to help rid the sport of the “cheating” clouding the sport. There have been several instances of players deliberately passing the ball into a player who is in an offside position. Other cases, such as forcefully playing a ball to ensure it hits a player and stepping over a defender in…

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Although I agree with the changes, it was not "cheating", it was teams using the rules to their own advantage. Many coaches look for a way to exploit loopholes in the rules - they just don't like it when someone else does it and they didn't think about it themselves.

Therefore isn't it "cheating" that players don't play-the-ball properly with their foot or that the ball doesn't go into the centre of the scrum ? Maybe so, but coaches don't complain about that because they are quite happy as it gives them an advantage.

Scrums might as well be abolished and just let the non-offending team have a tap-kick. Many used to say it was the take 12 players out of the game for a while and produce more space on the field. However, these days the players are out of the scrum and back in line often before even the first tackle has been made, so what's the point ?

It's all just to make it easy for the man in his armchair to watch so he will continue to pay his subscription - while those actual fans who go to games have to now put up with watching just a variation of American Football (5 drives and a kick) .... hence my name !


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