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Just setting up a thread to gather any news that might show up.

The only action that I've found in Sweden so far is Skåne Stags facing LUGI Lions RU side (who agreed to switch codes for this game) one or two weeks ago. Stags won the game but no score given.

Skåne are active and have organized training. I've asked both them and the Swedish RL Federation for fixture lists, but haven't had any reply.

Does anyone have any news from Denmark and Norway?

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Denmark has been dormant for years now.  They really couldn't get past the 1-team mark.  Copenhagen RLFC, who were largely made up of expats and union players.  Then Jylland briefly started up, but didn't last very long. 

Sweden, around 2014 had a 4-team comp going, I believe all clubs were dual-code.  It fell to 3 teams the year after and then slowly faded ever since.  Seems only Skane have remained active and basically double as the Sweden national team too whenever there are matches.

Norway, is the only one that seems to be doing well, with 8 senior teams and a few youth teams.  And their national team is still alive in the WC Qualifiers and will play Greece next month.

Malmo and Copenhagen each had a team not long ago.  Ideally, if they could have gotten two teams each, they could have made a nice league between them.  They are only 42km apart.  Skane are based just outside Malmo.  To go to Copenhagen for them, is an easy day trip, whereas Stockholm is so far it would need an overnight stay.

All Skane can really do now is play the odd match against a foreign team, Oslo and the Dutch teams now being their nearest neighbours.

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The 4 clubs in Sweden (Skåne, Kungsbacka (Gothenburg area), Stockholm and Södertälje (Stockholm area) were RL clubs, but I think that they had a lot of players playing both codes.

Skåne is the club operating in and around the Malmö area. Skåne is Swedish for Scania, which is a county in southern Sweden.

Norway are doing good, as you mention, which means that the Nordic Cup might be played between Norway and Sweden.

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