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No motivation needed for Blackpool

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It's that time of year when the championship teams head to most probably the biggest sh.ithole on the planet,I once won a weekend away in Blackpool and traded the prize for the fourth prize because a could get more use out of a £50 Amazon voucher.. life's tough at the top😉😉😉

Sunday doesn't need any motivation

The embarrassing performance against the dogs at home should be the petrol in their bellys to put the dogs down,the home game against Batley wasn't just bad..it was shocking and would sit in the

"Top 10 of Dewsbury Rams horror shows"that also contains such matches as Runcorn away, Rochdale home, Widnes away (80-0) wath brow,sharlston, Oldham home, Doncaster away.

So the gauntlet is firmly slapped across the face of the dog's .

The players need to step up and right that awful wrong,the performance is in their when you look at Featherstone away & Widnes away

No excuses,nothing left in the changing room..100% full throttle,no quarter given,

There is no coming off the field thinking

"We could have done better"

This is all or nowt,live or die,laugh or cry

Everyone of our player's have the power to rock batley's world Sunday

Self belief,mindset...we can be invincible Sunday just needs the right attitude applied...we can over come..let's get them and prove we can.



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23 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

 Who knows which Rams team will turn up.

That's just it we never know and it's been like this for ages now under different helms.

Batley at home was shocking,  our worst Mr Hyde of the season so far, yet our Dr Jekyll side appeared (from the games I've seen) against Toronto and Sheffield, with Hyde showing his hand at Fax away in between. I thought Toulouse at home we showed spirit despite the one sided scoreline, against (for me) the best side in the league. This gave me some hope and encouragement to go on Friday night only for Mr Hyde to show up once more!

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The future's bright, the future's RED AMBER & BLACK!




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I’ll settle for Sister Hyde! Ecclesiastical duties (try saying that after too much communion wine!) prevent my attendance Sunday but I think we can safely predict a close game yet again. So long as we show more heart than the last time, which should not be difficult!

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