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Great all round in tricky conditions, especially first half.

1. Tom Holmes - took us round park well and good strength to get his try.

2. Brad day - good go forward and one of the reason why defence was so good.

3. Ash Golding - solid!

Lots of other good performances.

FEV FAN  1964 - present.

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1. Golding - had a shed-load to deal with all afternoon in tricky conditions, but handled everything they chucked at him - be interesting to see that grounding behind our sticks in the first half again, 'cos it looked a close call to me.

2. Day - set the tone defensively and going forward, an absolute rock of a player. A great way to celebrate his new contract - Brad down the left and Johnny D down the right gives us great balance and firepower.

3. Holmes - came to the fore on a quieter afternoon for Chissy, kept us going forward well and showed great strength and determination to score a crucial try. Wish we could sign him back on again permanently.

Excellent defensive effort today, epitomised by Sutcliffe's man-handling of Gelling in the first half. It needed to be too as we weren't exactly at our fluent best with ball in hand. Closing out a game like that against a strong Widnes side says a lot about our team spirit at the moment and the quality within the squad. A big well done to Carr and all the lads, and my condolences to poor/destitute/full-time/SL-salaried/parachute-paymented Widnes.

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1. Sutcliffe - Outstanding defence on Gelling who, even though didn't have the best game, still looked to be a class above at times. Two tries as well.

2. Golding - Solid at the back and some good runs.

3. Holmes - Guided us round the pitch very well, scored an important try and gave the brilliant long ball to Carey to score.

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1 Holmes

2 Sutcliffe

3 Lockwood

also big defensive effort from King and countless hit ups from Hardcastle and Briscoe.

Golding so sound at the back.

overall however it was the real gritty team effort that will please the coach the most.






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I am now closing down the voting for the Widnes match. The winner is Golding  with 41 points followed by Holmes with 34 points and third is Sutcliffe with 26 points.  The overall position  is as follows: King is still the leader with 14 points followed by Chisholm with 13points. Golding's success in the Widnes game has brought him into the picture with 12 points. Bussey and Cooper have 9 points and Day and Holmes 8 points. Hardcastle has 7. Those are your leaders. We now look forward to the Barrow game. 

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