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Josh Walters


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36 minutes ago, plug said:

Just been reading total rl and they are saying Josh has signed for London broncos for the 2020 season hope its just gossip 

It didn’t really say that he had, it said theres talk of him going 

Im Fev and im proud

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2 hours ago, POR said:

 it shouldn't really  matter cos there's a regular poster on here who thinks he's only average?

TBH when he first came on DR he looked a bit, no a lot, headless chickenish but has certainly grown on me. He's one of those unsung players who puts in an 80 min shift every week and tackles virtually everything that comes at him.

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9 hours ago, Andrew Vause said:

We'll agree to differ then as Guildford is in the southern part of Greater London. 

yes  we do agree to difer south london is croyden lambeth wandsworth  richmond etc  no mention of guildford 

didn't post it before although  josh was born in guildford he has lived in northallerton since he was four  so I would have thought the lure to go back home to sarth london is not s strong s some people think

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