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18 hours ago, Mister Ting said:

The colour red for any Lancashire team.

A long time ago a team in a town called Wigan chose to play rugby, they eventually decided on a cherry and white hoop uniform. A few miles to the south east, in the town of Leigh had also been known to play the same sport. To be different from their close rivals, they also decided to paint their shirts in red and white hoops.

This fad spread as far as Oldham.

Wigan played in blue and white until 1886,Leigh have always played in cherry and white,ergo, the pastry monkeys copied Leigh 

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10 hours ago, Rupert Prince said:

And Japan...

A relatively new thing as they only adopted that in 1988, Japan played in blue quite often, probably after the famous Samurai blue, also their soccer team won their first national game at the Berlin Olympics in'36 wearing blue so it was seen as a good luck colour to.

101 stuff

Motorists who speed/drive dangerously and use their conveyance as a weapon either deliberately or otherwise.

'soft' drugs and by definition hard drugs, I include tobacco in that.

People who leave their dog poop and/or toss the bag of excrement into a bush/at the bottom of a full bin instead of taking it home to dispose of.

pimps, paedophiles, human traffickers/enslavers, dolphin/whale hunters.

That'd do for starters.

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