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Alan Kilshaw

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14 minutes ago, Sapere aude said:

im happy with that

I’d ask a few of the lads that he has coached first, could form an opinion then. I don’t know much about him apart from what I read. 

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59 minutes ago, jroyales said:

Does anyone know what his track record is?

Coaching at Warrington Player Development Centre and England u16's Assistant Coach
Then to Sarina Crocodiles. They play in Mackay & District LEague LEague. There is a dual reg with the Semi Pro Mackay Cutters and he also was an assistant to them whilst at Sarina. Cutters would be Championship I'd say. Sarina are in the Queensland League, and I'd guess L2.
season 1 went from top to 7th. season 2 got to finals, Season 4 won their Premiership

Then onto Hornets. 1st season promotion and champions.
2017 kept them up. A struggle since, but then finances have been like ours.
So a decent pedigree.
I'd say it depends what division we're in.
If no promotion thne it could be a good appointment. If we're in the Championship I struggle to see what he is going to bring that he could not at Hairnets.

Info here.

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1 hour ago, ChampagneCharlieReturns said:

Where u seen this confirmed?

Pure speculation, you know Elton wouldn't have 2 headcoaches on the payroll at once

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