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NCL Premier Player Of The Year

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11 hours ago, Hullfan said:

Well I've seen every home game of West hull this season. So obviously I seen the lad kerman mostly but no one who has come to play West hull as been better than him

Fair enough. 

Unusual that West Hull have had 15 different MOM's this season, so very much a squad effort

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Wouldn’t say was monster performance by him still not saying his not a good player. Think Karl Dixon from Brow would be a match winner in most teams, Marcus O’Brien has been out standing for Egremont this year.

From other teams I have seen ha e to say McShane from Hunslet has to be the best player and prob get my vote

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17 hours ago, Cumbria1 said:

How do the players get nominated for player of the year for NCL, Is it off the number of MOM’s on the website??

Doubt it, as all moms for some teams aren't on there for some reason so wouldn't be a fair process. Quite a bit of data, especially for some teams is missing.

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On 03/11/2019 at 08:47, Cumbria1 said:

Agree with Craig McShane winning NCL Premier Player Of Year by far the best player ave seen am shocked no semi pro club has signed him 

He’s been offered a couple of contracts in the Championship......but said he prefers his job and playing with the boys. Go figure haha. 

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