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On ‎26‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 08:36, The Parksider said:

Does it not occur to you that nobody else has answered my questions ???

This is because they can actually read and understand words. You say I have chosen to "focus on two expansion factors".

All I have ever focused on is Eric Perez's own two stated promises of how Eric Perez through Toronto Wolfpack was going to expand and therefore benefit the game here. The two factors he and TWP  Yes he and TWP were accepted into the game here on, the two things he and TWP therefore had promised and needed to deliver to the game here so it could expand the number of pro clubs with the extra pro-quality players and find the added commercial revenue for greater operational costs.

If you look it up which you never do Perez offers the game more quality players and bigger TV deals in return for entry to the game here, he says these things not me??.  Not a single Canadian cent has been brought in in TV money and on the issue of players the two or three North American players they had were actually sacked so that's a minus.

Once again I am a fair man and I have a fair point and nobody can answer it, they never could answer it this last three years and they know that they could not answer it, so that is why they usually just insulted or made fun of me with "Parky is an Idiot" followed by "like this" emojies from others who could not answer it.....

That's OK I win anyway, but I remind you again of how you tried to answer my points some time back, which was to despicably call for me to be banned from this website, that is what you did in the name of what? Free speech?? Debate??? 

Obviously everyone knows but don't want to admit TWP offered us nothing but London's relegation after their brave attempt to remain a Superleague club, making Superleague a worse place for it and delivering a blow to real expansion into the south of England.

Now we see another totally phoney Perez club being lined up to follow this "Ottawa" a club who won't bring us a cent in TV money or any players, whose intentions are to displace a real club in Superleague. The RFL are fine with all this new "Glamour" coming into the game and even finer enjoying these two clubs spending money in the Championship before moving on to be dumped on Superleague who do not want them. The whole thing is a Greek tragedy - but you think it's expansion

It isn't and never was. It's about the massive break up of the game here where the RFL and Superleague fell out big time and eventually got a divorce. I doubt you understand any of this, and maybe can hardly grasp the real truth behind all this nonsense which is Perez and Argyle taking advantage of the games serious split here.  When the TV deal runs out Championship clubs will lose funding and many may well fold when SL will get their revenge. But I guess your oblivious to all these truths as well.

Anyway...... That appears to be this thread pretty much finished now with the silence from others showing my point is taken - and taken gracefully without insult which I thank people for, as for you please do me the favour of never ever replying to me ever again.....

You missed out 'JBD' Parky.


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