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#5 or #6?

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Tonight on the last Prime Time Sports show ever the panel were discussing Pinball Clemens return to run the Argonauts and whether he could turn that sinking ship around. The consensus was no, and they agreed that in the city's sport's hierarchy the Argos have already been eclipsed by the Wolfpack.

I'm not sure the Wolfpack are quite there yet, but I can see it happening if a) they're competitive in Super League, and b) they get more TV exposure.

Addendum: just watched a bit of the Argo game on now. Big, empty stadium. Announced crowd of 10,368.

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I'm still not sure what to make of the Argos situation. IMO they need their own president, sharing one with TFC will never see them get the attention they need. I thought MLSE would be seeming to be putting a bit more effort in. Not saying they aren't, and (as Bell/Kilmer) they did go for big splash marketing in 2016, but they didn't sustain that. They now seem to going for "slow and steady" but perhaps too slow now. Not sure what they're waiting for. The league overall seems to be looking up the Als rumoured to have a new ownership deal done in the next week, and hopefully BC in the offseason. They really just need to build a consistently winning team. Winning Grey cups on .500 seasons followed by immediate returns to sucking will do nothing.

I don't live in Toronto, and can't stand the endless hockey/Raptors talk or most sports media, so I don't have the best take on what's what in the Toronto sports scene, but from here in Hamilton the hierarchy seems to be:

1a/1b Leafs/Raptors. Hockey is still king but the Raptors winning have levelled it for now. Sick of hearing about both already.

3 Jays. Down year but I still hear more about them than TFC.

4 TFC, and it's been pretty clear for a while. Don't see them taking #3 unless they go on a sustained winning period along with the BJ's being terrible for a number of years (ie not likely).

#5 or #6 Indeed...... to the rest of the country it's probably still the Argos, since they actually visit the rest of the country. Argos still have half a million people watching them every week,  even if a lot are opposition fans. Although by all accounts the GTA is still a strong TV market. Within the city of Toronto it may be a different story in terms of what's cool.

I'd almost call it a tie, but the difference of TWP being on the upswing and Argos trending down, the edge goes to TWP.

#7 Toronto Rock, i think they're reasonably popular 

#8 York9

#9 Arrows (can't be far off from York9 but CPL is more widely known)

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Argos just need to make a big signing and actually put a winning team on the field for once.  They really suck right now and it's not helping.

Also, the CFL as a league needs to expand.  They need to stop talking about a team in Atlantic Canada and just get it done.  Halifax could easily sustain a CFL franchise.  Likewise, Quebec City would be a very good market for a team.

Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Hamilton, Saskatchewan are all healthy.

Montreal will be G2G and football is huge in QC.  BC will be fine as well.  Lions can draw big if they put a winner on the field as well.

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Have to agree with all that. SSE spent too much time talking too early in the process.  I still have hope it'll get done but we all know what a dragged out fight these stadium projects can.

Aside from that, Toronto needs to have consistent winning seasons, and BC needs a new owner. 

I think a business model that allows attendances of 15-20k to be profitable,  similar to English rugby,  would mean 2-4 more cities to join the league. Smaller, broader geographical spread would result in more total fans.

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