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TRL Help Desk: Mobiles for Kids

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Dear TRL experts

I want to buy a phone for my youngest boy's 12th birthday in December. 

I am reasonably tech aware, but the reviews online seem to either be sponsored or offer contradictory advice. I want something he can play a few games on and has good battery life, but the camera is not important.

I bought our eldest a Moto G thingy that he's had for about 5 years without an issue, but boy no2 has a Huawei Honor 10 lite and it looks like the dispute between the USA and China is enough to put me off that brand this time.

I'm looking at the Moto G7 Power (£150 odd quid at John Lewis) but are there better alternatives? Also, it is safe to buy an "international model", which is about £30 cheaper but may come from dubious sources?

Basically, I seem to have researched myself into absolute confusion so some clarity would help.

Thanks in advance


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