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Programme Watch: Which clubs are issuing them in 2020?

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A link to a digital version of the Oldham St Annes programme for this afternoon's (14/3) National Conference League Third Division clash with Heworth. The content (the sponsorship packages section) includes an indication it is available also in printed form.


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On 08/03/2020 at 17:21, Hopping Mad said:

Another update...


In print: Hull (£3, 48pp), Leeds (£3, 80pp), Warrington (£3, 48pp), Wigan (£3.50)


Quick update - the Leeds programme was 80 pages for the opening double header but has reverted to 64 pages for the subsequent games.

Interestingly at the Warrington game, adjacent to the programme stand at the Kirkstall Lane entrance were boxes of surplus programmes for both the double header and Hull KR games marked 'FREE' - they were just giving them away rather than pulping or trying to sell them. I picked up a new copy of the double header one as I'd managed to somewhat mangle my original copy.

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Another update...


In print: Hull (£3, 48pp), Leeds (£3, 64pp), Warrington (£3, 48pp), Wigan (£3.50)

Note: St Helens issued a printed programme (£4, A4) for the February 22 World Club Challenge with Sydney Roosters

Monthly printed magazine: Castleford (Roar, £1, A4), Wakefield (The Mighty Trin, £2, A4)

Teamsheet: Salford (free)

Digital: Hull Kingston Rovers (free for subscribers to download), St Helens (free to download)

Nothing: Huddersfield (exclusive former programme content will appear on the club website, no digital alternative planned)

To be confirmed: Catalans, Toronto

Note: Leeds issued an 80-page printed programme (£3) for the 2/2 Headingley double header featuring Toronto v Castleford


In print: Halifax (£1, 24pp), London Broncos, Oldham, Sheffield (£3, 44pp, also available as a digital download for £2.99), Swinton (£3), Whitehaven (£2.50, 32pp), York (£3)

Teamsheet: Dewsbury (50p), Featherstone (donation), Widnes (free, double-sided)

Note: Widnes supporters are producing a monthly fanzine (£2)

Digital: Batley (free to subscribers), Leigh (60pp, free to download)

Nothing: Bradford

To be confirmed: Toulouse


In print: Barrow (£2.50, 40pp), Keighley (£2), North Wales (£2)

Monthly printed magazine: Hunslet (South of the River, £3)

Matchday information sheet: Doncaster

Digital: Coventry, West Wales, Workington (bi-monthly newsletter, for members only)

Nothing: Rochdale

To be confirmed: London Skolars, Newcastle


In print: Askam (£3, 8pp, w/a), Barrow Island (£1, 16pp), Batley Boys, Beverley (£2, w/a), Dewsbury Celtic (£2, 16pp), Dudley Hill (£3, w/a), Hensingham (£3, 8pp, w/a, also available, free, as a post-match digital download), Leigh East, Leigh Miners (£1), Lock Lane (£3, w/a), Milford (£3, w/a), Oldham St Annes (£2, w/a, also available as a free digital download), Rochdale Mayfield (£1, including raffle), Siddal (£3, w/a), Thatto Heath (£2, 24pp, also available as a free digital download), Thornhill (£2), Underbank, York Acorn (£3, w/a)

Digital: Hunslet Warriors (30pp, free to download), Normanton (18pp, free to download), Oulton (26pp, free to download), Shaw Cross

Note: Pilkington are issuing (a 20-pager) but it could be digital only

To be confirmed: Clock Face, Crosfields, Dewsbury Moor, Drighlington, East Leeds, Eastmoor, Egremont, Featherstone Lions, Gateshead, Heworth, Hull Dockers, Hunslet Club Parkside, Ince, Kells, Millom, Myton, Saddleworth, Skirlaugh, Stanningley, Waterhead, Wath Brow, West Bowling, West Hull, Wigan St Judes, Wigan St Patricks, Woolston


In print: Ellenborough (£2, 4pp, w/a), GB Police (£1, A4 brochure with teamsheet, two 'one-offs' for Challenge Cup ties with Torfaen and Rochdale Mayfield), Sherwood Wolf Hunt (£2.50, 12pp, two 'one-offs' for Challenge Cup ties with Wests Warriors and West Bowling)

Note: M60 Programmes (https://www.m60footballprogrammes.com) is offering printed versions of - and print subscriptions to - 2020 Leigh and St Helens digital programmes.

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Dewsbury Celtic (versus Bradford Dudley Hill, National Conference League, Division Two, 14/3/20)

£2, 16pp (incorrectly dated March 7)

Every copy sold. Are you watching Dewsbury Rams?

Unfortunately, this was the worst game of rugby league I've seen in a long, long time...

Dewsbury Celtic ARLFC_Match programme front cover scan_£2, 16pp_versus Bradford Dudley Hill_National Conference League Division Two_26-10, 185_14-03-20.jpg

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On 16/02/2020 at 20:23, Manxmanc said:

Perhaps it needs some supporters to produce unofficial programmes or fanzines to embarrass clubs into producing them.

I gather a monthly fanzine (£2), produced by Widnes supporters (Widnes Independent Supporters Society Ltd), was on sale at yesterday's (15/3) Challenge Cup fifth round tie between Widnes and Swinton. Sounds like a relaunch after well received issues were put together sporadically in 2019.

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Here's what I understand the position to be in relation to post-lockdown programmes:

  • printed programmes (available on subscription for rest of season, unsure how to secure individual editions): Leeds & Warrington
  • e-programmes for individual games: Saints & Hull KR
  • monthly magazine: Wakefield
  • monthly e-magazine: Cas
  • nothing: Catalans (I think), Wigan, Huddersfield, Hull, Salford
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Updated with new info re Salford

For more information on the Rugby League Record Keepers' Club please visit our official website at www.rugbyleaguerecords.com

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