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Leeds vs Bradford 12th Jan jjb and burrow testimonial. 

Leeds are expecting a sellout for this game that will be a sad affair with everything that's going on with burrow. Stuff stand 12k tickets sold going into the final week good push now get it sold out for a good pay day for both players. 

What happens on the pitch that day will be second to everything else that's going on hopefully a lot of neutrals also come over aswell. The rl family become one once again.

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Robbie Hunter-Paul, Nathan McAvoy, Wayne Godwin, Matty Blythe, Stuart & Fielden will all pull on the red, amber and black in the closing stages of Sunday’s pre-season clash. 

Sunday’s hosts will also be giving a run out to the likes of Kevin Sinfield and Jamie Peacock following their illustrious careers in a Leeds shirt. Aswell has jjb and ROB BURROW. 

Whoever sorted some ex players coming on the field and burrow himself congratulations. Great gesture.


rob Parker now added to the bulls players. Seen most of twitter now messaging barrie Mac to get a shirt back on with fielden been on the pitch.

danny mags and kylie leuluai now added to the Leeds team.

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What a emotional game when rob come on to join his band of brothers hugged them all when he come on. 

Good to see the old bulls legends on the field too fielden looked like he could do a part time job for us still haha

the Leeds legends when they spoke at the end on the pitch ending with burrow talking. At one stage he struggled to get his words out the bulls fans then started singing there's only one rob burrow which soon went round the full ground.

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