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Choose a name for our Jamaican rugby league fan group


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2nd one but both are great 

PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF http://www.rugbyleaguecares.org/ and http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/8790/join-team-wales-for-2013

Predictions for the future -

Crusaders RL to get a franchise for 2012 onwards -WRONG

Widnes Vikings also to get a franchise - RIGHT

Crusaders RL to do the double over Widnes and finish five places ahead of them -WRONG

Widnes Vikings NOT to dominate rugby league in years to come! STILL TO COME



I promise to pay �10 to the charity of Bomb Jacks choice if Widnes Millionaires finish above the battling underdogs Crusaders RL. I OWE A TENNER!


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On 18/01/2020 at 10:16, Copa said:

Now we’ve selected a team, 

 we need a name for our Jamaican rugby league fan group to go on the team’s jersey. 

Some options I’ve come up with:

1- Friends of the Hyenas

2- Friends of Hyenas Rugby League

3- The Hyenas fan club

4- Friends of Jamaican rugby league

5- Jamaican Rugby LeagOOMOP UNITEDue fans

6- Cool Rugby fan club

Choose one (or a couple) or add your own suggestions.

OOMOP UNITED. Out of many one people United

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