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New York reveal identity of first financial backer

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12 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

Troy Perkins, the old Hemel coach, was flogging a load of New York merchandise (and a load of last year’s London, Widnes and Huddersfield gear) on Facebook. I’m not sure if that can be taken as an indicator of things to come, but I did find it interesting. 

Did New York ever actually have a place in the league, like Ottawa do?

Nope. They seem to quasi-exist to sell merch.  

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Lots of pitiful negativity here, as usual. You sneered at the NY press conference because they didn’t reveal their backer and now they have he’s getting sneered at. It’s absolutely dismal reading and

Such inverted snobbery reeks of envy.

THE NEW YORK club that was launched in Liverpool last Tuesday has revealed the name of its first major financial investor. Steve Scanlan, a Harvard educated Queenslander, who was named the Brisbane

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8 hours ago, Gooleboy said:

Wasn't the Headquarters a back kitchen in Huddersfield?

But that was part of the cunning plan to take over the world!

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On 17/03/2020 at 15:46, DoubleD said:

If he’s completed a course there, then he has been educated there so why’s it a stretch to say he’s ‘Harvard educated’ 

Hardly surprising.........most Americans won’t even have heard of rugby league. Who cares where the backers are from, as long as they’re financially sound and committed?

Come off it.

Saying "Harvard Educated" means someone has gone through and received a proper degree from Harvard University.  Not necessarily gone to a conference where you listen to some evangelical speakers at a building round the back of the campus.

Leaving aside any overegging the pudding, he needs to put his money where his mouth is.  And the new club needs as much as it can get.

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