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Which player made you stand up in anticipation?

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Backs - Jiffy. His brain was 3 moves ahead of everyone elses and he was lightening quick, as we know.

Fwds - Les Boyd. Had to watch him through my fingers in anticipation of what piece of genius or gruesome act was going to transpire........ usually the latter.

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Obviously depends what you are looking at,somebody to make you stand up and watch, Jim Mills,you never knew what he was going to do next. Might decide to run might decide to pass, might decide to flatten the nearest opposing player to him,might be one of his own players if he got in his way. A great character and actually a very  nice man,off the field.

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4 hours ago, Allora said:

Eric Grothe (senior)

Chicka Ferguson

Jason Robinson

Brett Kenny

Ellery Hanley


What a great list , i remember seeing Ferguson play against Batley around 1986 i think ; he was amazing

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22 hours ago, Gooleboy said:

Paul Newlove at 17 years old was unbelievable. He looked like doing something every time he got the ball.

"A magic man from Featherstone Rovers" - Peter Fox.   We played Saints around Xmas time 1988/89 and Newy made a monkey of MIchael O'Connor.   O'Connor chucked his toys out of the pram and had a go a Paul.    As you say that first season he was unbelievable. A very under rated player IMO, certainly by the media.  You seldom find him occurring in "my best XIII's" of that era.   Which is a shame.  He and Connolly were an ideal combination for GB.

There was a game at Halifax the following season and a Halifax player maliciously stamped on Paul's ankle, he had to go off and whilst he was still a great player, that mercurial part of his game had gone with the stamp.  Can't remember the player's name.

“Few thought him even a starter.There were many who thought themselves smarter. But he ended PM, CH and OM. An Earl and a Knight of the Garter.”

Clement Attlee.

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