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The What do you look like thread - revisited

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I thought you'd be a bit bigger. Who's the old bloke holding you?

I think it’s on for £225,000 

Not mine , stupid bloody computers/tablets 

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Some great photos here. The only person I would recognise would be gingerjon. Mumby Magic doesn't look owt like I'd imagine him.

I think RL doesn't do what sky says is pulling our chains.?

Learn to listen without distortion and learn to look without imagination.

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On 17/05/2020 at 19:22, DavidM said:

I was convinced that was Brett Mcdermott who played for the Cumbrian clubs before taking up cage fighting I believe !



Yes! The body looks just like that. You just cannot see it as I am wearing a loose fitting top that is about half his size ?

"You clearly have never met Bob8 then, he's like a veritable Bryan Ferry of RL." - Johnoco 19 Jul 2014

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