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Photos of Knowsley Road in 2010

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1.  View of the front of the old ground with the offices and shop.

2 . View of the Main Stand from the Pavillion End

3.  View of the Popular Stand from the Eddington End

4.  View of the Pavillion End from the Eddington End

5. View of the Ground from the Corner of the Eddington and Popular Stands near the old F gate

6  View of the Eddington Stand from the Popular Stand

7 View of the Main Stand from the Popular Stand










The dominant ideas in society are always and everywhere the ideas of the ruling class. And always and everywhere they portray us as stupid, untrustworthy with bad motives. Show us respect sir. We gave you everything progressive there is. We gave you democracy. We demand some too.

Eddie Demsey RMT

There were 17.4m people who voted to leave the European Union.

"Any attempt to try to cast their vote aside, as if they didn’t mean it or didn’t understand the consequences, whereas everybody else did, is a bit of a slur on the individuals who took the time to vote, many of them for the first time

Ian Lavery - Labour party chair  - 29th March 2019

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