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Some regulars on these forums may already know that much is being done to establish Rugby League as part of the long-term sporting landscape in Cornwall. One of the principal aims of the Cornwall Rugby League Association is the growth of a semi-professional Cornish Rebels club and, in due course, admission to the League One competition.

With this in mind, we are seeking the views of supporters of existing L1 clubs (and recently promoted Whitehaven and Oldham for improved statistical validity) which will help inform us on several key issues.

We would therefore be very grateful to receive as many responses as possible to the short questionnaire below. There is no requirement to divulge personal information, although anyone interested in receiving updates about the club and its development is very welcome to provide their email. Furthermore, fans of other clubs are also encouraged to supply their opinions and tick the ‘other club’ box.

All responses are legitimate, be they positive, negative or middling. It goes without saying, however, that the club fully intends to add to the competition and, as such, precisely how supporters of other teams might feel about the potential admission of a side based in Cornwall is of great importance.

If any TotalRL posters could share the survey link below with other individuals who might like to complete it (3-4 minutes) that would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!


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I support a SL club (Saints) not L1, but regardless I’d love it if the Rebels went into that division. Can imagine there’d be a bit complaint about the drive from Cumbria though! 

Have you got many registered players down in Cornwall, and what year are you aiming for to enter? Good luck with it 👍

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i'm echoing Liverpool Rovers good wishes. Its great that you are making the game a truly national sport. Please keep up the good work? 

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Wholehearted thanks for such an outstanding number of responses so far. It cannot be underestimated how important the overall response is and the (often unforeseen) advice it provides. Some of the comments have been enlightening, too!

Obviously there's still a long way to go with the survey to be sure of cast-iron, copper-bottomed statistical 'soundness', so please do share the link with other supporters of L1 clubs if you can.

Lastly, if anyone has thought "I don't really have an opinion" or "I really detest the idea with every fibre of my being" and has not wanted to fill it in because of said opinions, then it's still important. Even wishy-washy viewpoints are valid.


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Quick update... Thank you to all who have filled it in. It's been a great response so far, and there's lots of enlightening info!!

However, we really need a few more responses, so if you haven't done the survey it would be sincerely appreciated. Also, if anyone knows a friend who is a supporter of a L1 club, please let them know it exists.


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