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the wheels have come off at cas now losing 46 - at hull

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3 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

BOTH Castleford and Wakefield have to sort out their stadiums as well they both look terrible on TV its sadly an embarrassment .


Dear Paul

How to deal with embarrassment:

Everyone gets embarrassed at some point in time because everyone makes mistakes. Embarrassment may be the result of unwanted attention, a mistake, or being placed in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. You may feel like you want to hide away until the embarrassment passes, but there are better ways to deal with embarrassment. You can try to understand your feelings of embarrassment better, learn to laugh at yourself, and be compassionate to yourself when you become embarrassed.


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So they've lost a whole one game by a big margin?  Wow.  This year is really hard for all teams, but must be hardest for those who aren't competing, especially if they thought they would be.  Players are competitive, but its a hard game physically and I'm not at all surprised to see clubs lose by big margins sometimes.  Cas are no different.

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5 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

HA HA on a serious note it is a problem and ironic that the only stadium that comes near to SL standard in the borough is Fev:)))

Fev have worked hard to upgrade PO Road, it’s sad that they are not getting the credit they deserve, especially as it’s obvious that Wakefield District Council is not going to assist any team, so if you want to improve you have to do something about it. I think it would be unfair to demote either Wakey or (especially given how competitive they have been until very recently) Cas purely on their stadia alone, but it’s equally, if not more unfair, that Fev could lose out on a SL spot because of their proximity to Wakey and Cas, especially as you say they are the only ones to get their stadium to SL standard.

Back to the original topic, I suspect that Powell has run his course at Cas. He never looks happy and that must surely permeate down through the club, shame because I have always liked Cas’ style of play.

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