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Fri 27 Nov: SL Grand Final: Wigan Warriors v St Helens KO 8pm (Sky)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Wigan Warriors by 13 points or more
    • Wigan Warriors by 7 to 12 points
    • Wigan Warriors by 1 to 6 points
    • St Helens by 1 to 6 points
    • St Helens by 7 to 12 points
    • St Helens by 13 points or more

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24 minutes ago, Rupert Prince said:

Far easier to lose by 20.  Pretty rotten to lose by a fluke.  Of course, it still might have gone to golden point.  And Wigan could have gone to touch for a drop goal.

Fluke or not, Welsby played to the whistle and got his reward.

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1 minute ago, Old Frightful said:


They're just excited mate.

F*&£ Off.

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Fairly large amount of class there from the Saints lads, applauding O'Loughlin off for his last time.

Great stuff from them f*ckers.

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1 minute ago, Wellsy4HullFC said:

To be fair, being interviewed by a former teammate really isn't helping them in the heat of this emotion! You can forgive them thinking there just talking to one of the boys!

Chris Kendall has just announced that, despite the bad language from the Saints players in the after match interviews, he has awarded the penalty against Wigan on the advice of the touch judge.

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Well.  Wow.  I couldn't write a single post as I was totally glued to the TV.  I don't remember ever watching such a quality game of RL in a final.  It was a tremendous match and I don't usually say that when the tries are in such short supply.  

But what a way for Saints to win.  God bless young Mr Welsby.  For the youngest player on the pitch he showed the coolest head and the most controlled skill ever.  What a guy.  What a game.  What a win!  I just can't think of a better way for Saints to beat Wigan in a final than on the last play of the game!  Flippin fabulous! 

Well done Saints! 👏

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Just now, Gerrumonside ref said:

Season over and what a way to finish it.

A game no one will forget and a finish that deserves to be seen again and again.

Anyone up for a quick conferences thread?

Absolutely not, but it does seem like ages since there was a good argument about the merits of Toronto, so go for it.

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Roll on 11/03/2021.

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Posters should take a moment here to contemplate they have seen a finish to a grand final that is unlikely to occur again in most peoples lifetimes.

40-- 50 years from now people will still be talking about the Welsby Grand Final in the same hushed tones as the watersplash Challenge Cup final in 1968.

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I'll reflect more tomorrow when I've stopped shaking.

Unbelievable game. Two widths of a post decided it. Two very evenly matched sides. Nothing between them at all.

Credit to Jack Welsby. One of two players to chase that kick. Once in a career it pays off. 

Even as a Saints fan, genuine sympathy for Wigan players and fans. A heartbreaking way to lose. Sport is joy and pain. This Wigan side will win trophies before long. They're building well.

God I love this sport.

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12 minutes ago, Wellsy4HullFC said:

Do you even like rugby league?

It was a fluke one way that the drop goal missed. That is the inches that can win and lose you a game.

And it wasn't a fluke the other way because he had to chase that, and beat the defender, and then finish it before going into touch.

Only in rugby league could a fan try and dampen such and amazing piece of sporting drama as a fluke and a joke.

The ball bounced 'sideways'. 

The drop was on/off side, the touch down just did it in millimetres.   It was a fluke.  But its on the scoreboard.  

Dampen! Oh do grow up.  When your team lost, to a fluke, I think one can be entitled to be damp.  Especially when earlier Hasings tackle was not a foul.  Far worse was allowed by both sides.

Wigan should not have gone for the attempted goal, but gone for another 6.  Then it would have probably gone to golden point (assuming Wigan had not got a drop themselves) ...  and that would have been unsatisfactory as well.

Little between both sides.  I would have expected Saints to be more dangerous with their backs.  But Wigan looked better out on the wings.  So the game opposite to what I expected.

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Just now, Gerrumonside ref said:

Starting to feel a little for the Wigan fans on here.

To lose in the final seconds to anyone would hurt, but it must be brutal when it’s Saints.

It reminds me when I heard The Stone Roses were splitting up and there was no helpline! 😃

Just message Snapski and Just Browny, they will help you get through the pain.

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