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Covid infections from players travelling together

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I saw this snippet from Coventry coach, Richard Squires:

“We were all ready to go back and had everything signed off by the RFL, but then they released an article about how many of the cases that had been present within Super League teams were from people travelling together, rather than from playing face-to-face.
“As we have quite a few travellers they asked if it was a necessity to start in November, and as we said it wasn’t, they put a bit of a halt to it. 

“But the boys all know the situation everyone is in so we just have to do what’s right. Everyone’s health is most important.
“The RFL cannot stop people travelling to training and ideally they’d have to travel separately.

For us, looking at expenses, that’s just not viable. But they have said that when they do travel, they’ll all just need to wear masks in the car.
“We can’t sit in a car with them and make sure they do that so we just have to trust in them. We’ve got a good bunch though this year so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I haven't seen this reported elsewhere, but it raises serious concerns to me. I had thought we'd had a high number of Covid infections amongst players, but car sharing should have been forbidden for SL players. It is at my workplace. And in exceptional circumstances where it can't be avoided, the 1 passenger can sit in the rear of a car if both them and driver wear masks and windows allow for ventilation. This is either a glaring oversight in the regulations by the RFL or clubs/players have flagrantly ignored this. Does anyone else have any more information on it?

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