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On 30/01/2021 at 19:44, Bleep1673 said:

Salford Sunday suggests trains go from Salford to London.

They don't. They go via Manchester & always have done.

I think that was just  his route & poetic license Bleep




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Mike Oldfield is from Reading, his dad was a local GP

Also although not from Reading (they are from Oxford) Radiohead played lots of their early gigs here, for a while every lampost on the canal tow path had a 2" round flourescent green sticker with an r made of smalled dots on it from their ###### mates walking down there after a gig with a bunch of the stickers from the merchandise table - timing wise i know that was around the time the pentium floating point error was announced as i have meories of stopping a discussion on that when i saw all the stickers

Hawkwind also live somewhere local (think a memeber has a farm that they stored gear and rehearsed on) I know this as they did the pre tour rehersal for the Electric teepee tour at Reading Uni when i was working stage crew - wqe had to literally clear straw and muck off some of the gear - their lighting company were anarclighting and when i went to buy my current house in 2000 on the 2nd viewing the owner of anarcligthing was there as it was his sisters house - we both had a "what are you doing here" moment as i had worked with him a few times

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