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Chaplain’s Christmas message

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Looking back, Looking forward, Looking up

Well, what a year 2020 has been! One that I’m sure that we will all want to ‘ring out’ with some gusto!!

Looking back

It’s been a year of great challenge. This may be your first Christmas without a person who has been special in your life? If so, it may help to set a specific time aside over Christmas to remember them and grieve? Give yourself permission to celebrate though! No doubt they would want that.

Its been a year of great heroes. Not least our front line NHS and care workers. We owe you all a special Christmas thank you. Heroes are ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with steely determination and persistence! Be inspired to be a hero for your family and friends as we roll into a new year. Do the small things well. Small things done consistently make massive change. Remember Captain Tom? Who would have thought that an old bloke, walking a 100 yards a day, on a Zimmer, would be worth anything? Ended up being worth about £32 Million!! You may feel unappreciated but don’t give up! You can never tell what a hero you may turn out to be.

Looking forward

It’s a time for great hope! We now have a vaccine. Do take great care over the Christmas period and protect those around you. This virus doesn’t know it’s Christmas. Be strong and stay vigilant and we will see this thing off!
It’s time to dream and be a hope bringer. You will soon be able to have family celebrations (I love those), book holidays again, etc. So what is your dream? Don’t lose it! Let hope arise and inspire you to be a hope bringer to those around you.

Look forward to a return to the DW in 2021. No dates yet but I can’t wait. This season was challenging and everyone worked incredibly hard, through extreme circumstances. We topped the table and won the League Leaders’ Shield. We also made the Grand Final. Outstanding achievements.

Looking up

Christians (like me) celebrate a person, Jesus Christ. Jesus ‘split history’. For me, Christ is the ultimate hope bringer. You are so important and valuable to God that He sent His Son (Jesus). Christian’s believe that God ‘broke the bank’ in order to invite you into a relationship with him through Jesus. Don’t ever believe that you are worthless! Why not ask Him to share your life this Christmas? He offers Forgiveness, Peace, Hope, Joy. We all need these!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Glen Rickard, club chaplain.

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