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Lotto draws temporarily suspended

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  • New lockdown sparks need to postpone ongoing draws
  • Catch-up draws will take place as soon as collections can resume
  • Sign-up via Direct Debit to guarantee your place in all future draws

It is with regret that we have once again suspended our weekly Lotto draws following last night’s lockdown announcement from the Prime Minister.

Having drawn our Week One winners for 2021 on Monday, there will now be no further draws until it is considered safe for those who collect door to door to visit their clients again, in order to protect agents and members alike from the current rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus.

However, as with the early part of the pandemic in 2020 when a similar postponement was necessary, we are asking all members who pay via an agent to kindly put their £1 subscription aside each week. Once we recommence agent collections, the agent will collect your back-dated subscriptions in full, so that we can once again run daily ‘catch up draws’ until we have caught up, and then resume weekly draws on their originally proposed dates.

Members who pay either by Direct Debit or Standing Order don’t need to make any changes to their arrangements; please simply allow your payments to continue as normal, so that your account will be fully paid up in readiness for the ‘catch up draws’.

If you are not a member and you wish to support us by joining now, the cost is just £1 per week for ten numbers in the draw, payable via Direct Debit at £4.34 per month, per membership if you sign up here. Please note that Direct Debit subscriptions will show on your bank statement as ‘Debit Finance’ rather than Wigan Warriors Lotto.   

The Prize Money is as follows:

  • £1,000 weekly jackpot plus other prizes of £200, £150, 2 x £100, 2 x £50 and multiple £10 consolation prizes.
  • Our Rollover Jackpot, where the prize can be anywhere between £100 and £7,500 has just been won in Monday’s draw and will start again at £100 in the next Monday catch up draw.
  • That’s before the two £10,000 Super Jackpot Prize Draws that take place annually!

Our thanks go to all of our members for your continued support and understanding throughout this challenging and ever-changing period.


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