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It's so difficult to tell. There are many positions where we seem to have players of almost equal ability so it will probably go on fitness and who is going best in training. Let's just hope that anyone left out shows determination to get into the 17 and doesn't go into a sulk.

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Ok I'll have a go.

For me my preference would be to play Ferres in the middle and Harrison at edge back row as listed but it might be the other way round.

Have reluctantly left out Fergie as he's played so few games recently, and Parata, who I really like but I wanted to fit Holmes in somewhere. Haven't seen enough of Frankie Halton to say whether he should be in the 17.

Not really ideal having Holmes and Hardcastle on the bench but you could put Josh in nearly anywhere and he'd do a job and Holmes can cover full back and 9 as well as half back.

Steve Gill tweeted about the shirt numbers having been assigned, coaches always play these down but when they are released it might give us the odd clue.

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   Good choice above.I was struggling for a winger besides Blackmore  and had Holmes at stand off.Came up with the same props Kopczak and Ferres and Bussey at loose forward.Hard on Locky  as over the years he has been very consistent.John Davis as sub seems a waste but he could do damage if introduced against tireing opponents good pair of hands and tremendous work ethic.We seem to be spoiled for choice in back row forwards.

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I think wing is the only position we’re lacking depth in with only Gale and Blackmore our recognised wingers although sheriffe, hall and Whittion could provide cover, it’s only a good thing having good strength in depth but we won’t be able to play every player every week which could cause some upsets.

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Wing can be more important than centre these days, he has to act as dummy half or first receiver in his own twenty and be safe under the high ball, besides his finishing qualities. Minns and Hall have played there before with Hardcastle competing for a centre spot. Nu Brown or Tom Holmes might be good at full back if Hall has to cover elsewhere, or Nu might feature at hooker? I would also like to see Bussey at 13, playing a hybrid game between prop and ball-playing back-rower, with Locky in the front row. We also don't know about some of the new guys who may well play themselves into contention. I've been highly impressed with Halton and Spence at their former clubs but they have some formidable guys in front of them in the pecking order.

All in all, an immensely strong squad if everyone stays fit, with every position being adequately covered.

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