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Cameroon Talent Pathway

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3 hours ago, DoubleD said:


This is the best news I`ve heard of all week. When the League venture in Cameroon was mentioned recently in another thread and especially their involvement with the Cameroon Armed Forces I thought this really has the potential to be a game changer for the supply of Rugby League talent in your part of the world. Aussie dollars or British pounds would go a long way in this part of the world and with a bit of investment these African countries could eventually or even sooner than that, become the `Pacific Islands` or `Papua New Guinea` of the northern hemisphere.

This has got nothing to do with race or colour, just the sheer numbers of possible participants, Africa has one of the youngest demographics in the world and also what League can offer them .

I really wonder, what with the massive Chinese investment in Africa and their willingness to get involved, and splash the cash around in local sports for public relations purposes, see Samoa and their new Stadium as a prime example of Chinese investment in local sport, whether League bodies would be wise approaching some of these companies.

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Be excellent if some  of that cash the Chinese seem to have plenty of, could be  used to help foster the the game in Africa.

The guys setting up the game in these countries  appear to be very keen to get involved.

I can't see the RL or SL getting involved financialy, with the game  there being in a not  too good a state. SL missed a  great opportunity for expansion with Toronto ,If that venture had been  successful it could have given new life to that competition.

I hope the game gets established In Africa. If it does, SL will first in to strip it of the best talent.

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