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NRL Match thread Round 4 2021 - Don't forget the Monday game this week

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21 hours ago, Futtocks said:

Hell of a match, not always for the best reasons, but loads going on.

The Dragons are playing far better than I thought they would this year, showing what was not there last year a determination to win. Griffin is a step up in coaching than what McGregor was for sure. I dare say it!!!! If the Dragons can keep this type of play together all year and pick themselves up the following week after a loss that will come throughout the year, they just might make it into the top 8, come the seasons end, then set sail for yet another of very many Grand Final appearances in there 100 year history. St George Dragons playing in top rugby league competition 1921 to 2021.....Illawarra is just an add on since 1998..... GO THE MIGHTY DRAGONS


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If you ignore that last try, it was a better result than I had expected. There's still nobody at Wests who looks like breaking a game open. Towards the end, when a comeback was possible, fans normally think, "Give it to ........" but we don't have that guy.

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7 hours ago, Graham said:

Ferguson being interviewed says he has the memory of a goldfish. Puts errors behind him and plays in the moment. It worked for him today.

Runs round in circles with his mouth open ..?

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