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My favourite three (along with 40/20) are;

Chasing Kangaroos - superb (if you like the international game and are a fan of expansion). 

The Final Hooter - domestic scene, lighthearted. 

Out of your league - a bit more laddish but good insight into the game.

Also notable mentions to Golden Point, Outlawed, By the Balls (would score more highly if the sound quality was better), BBC 5 Live Rugby League, 13 Pro-Am Community RL, RL in America and Rugby Reloaded. 

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Any decent sort of tactical ones? Or something with a bit of coaching input?

A lot of the stuff I've listened to, apart from player interviews, seems to be people talking who have never played a game of Rugby League, and it kind of shows in their discussion!

Am looking for something with a bit of analysis/tactics/coaching or stuff like that.

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There’s so many these days, it’s great. 

If I could pick only eight for a ‘Desert Island Rugby League Podcasts’ they would be: Forty-20, Rugby Reloaded, What Would Brian Bevan Say, BBC 5 Live RL, Full 80 Minutes, Chasing Kangaroos, Fire Up! and Fergo & The Freak. 

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FEV have two for the fans that started this year Centenary Chat and Up the Rovers  obviously full of FEV players coaches  et al but already  Richard Agar's  been  on and they plan  to interview  others from the world of rugby league 

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It's as if this thread was set up for me to plug our new podcast and video episodes 😁

We are new so please be kind 🙏we both played albeit not at the top level, reserve grade was our top experience, we have our coaching badges and have various experiences.🏉

We have completed some specials and some follow ups, we don't want to be a review show but will do some reviews occasionally, we prefer to discuss topics that interest us such as tactics, changes, International, spread of the game and guests. We have recorded one special with ex SL referee Ian Smith,😎 due out next week, a special on Clive Sullivan due out this Friday and tonight's episode is 'this week in numbers' with discussions around Michael Shentons career amongst other key numbers.

Please give us a like or/subscribe, more support we get the more guests we can encourage and access to expertise, we have 2 more guests confirmed next month and more who have agreed to join us when available, current SL players and female players will be joining us.🏉

This link should work to show our new show on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon music and various other platforms.

Helpful constructive feedback welcome 👍


Thanks for the support of the RL community in the UK and beyond 👍

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