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Miloudi to Barrow

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14 minutes ago, DavidM said:

Good signing for League 1 . Watched him in it before and he was more than a handful 

Kid gets around for sure. Barrow will probably get a lot of of his talent over the next few months. After that he may get itchy feet again. Great signing for League 1 though - will do some damage.

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Its a great signing for Barrow.  Miloudi can break games open and he should feast in League 1.  Weird running style though....looks like he is going sideways when he is actually moving forward.

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16 hours ago, Hvy wg said:

The dude wants to be picked for the WC and signs for a 3rd tier team.

Baffles me that he EXPECTED to be picked.

It could be a smart move on his side.  Palau season finished, League 1 just starting and playing in a team that could with that League, I can see him scoring a good few tries if he performs to the levels he’s capable.  All brings his performance into the eyes of Frayssinous.

Plus, he will be getting paid.

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