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Northing much to say except that we have moved on since Keighley and have beaten Hunslet so it's three out of three/. It ay have come at a cost though because Hakim Miloudi looked to be seriously hurt when he went off with his arm in a splint.  Two great tried from Tee Ritson and Dally came up with his regular Scarlet Pimpernel ( theyseek him here they seek him there) solo try.  Good win in tough game.  Just saying.

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Looking good in patches, I still think the best is yet to come with our performances and I don’t feel the pitch at Hunslet helped us at times with it being so small, but 3/3 now so well done and keep it up ! Hopefully Hakim won’t be out for too long as he has looked a top class player. I’m looking forward to the North Wales game this weekend and hopefully it will be a good win. COYR

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