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Williams immediate release from Raiders

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Seems the parting of the ways has not gone smoothly and certainly not been to George Williams liking.

Williams took to Twitter to share his side of the story, writing: “I asked for a release weeks ago for the end of the season … Not once did I ask for an immediate release but Instead of supporting me the club kicked me out the door.”

He also refuted reports he had signed off on the release. “Plus I’ve not even signed the release,” he concluded his tweet.”



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Not that Ricky Stuart himself would ever pull a fast one in departing a club for pastures new - 8 years being a long time in league it would appear...



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Whatever the truth is, one way or another Raiders look shaky on this. Stuart strikes a cool (business like) tone and their apparent sudden knee jerk action has left them scrambling round mid season to replace Williams by shuffling in the short term and persuading a player at another club that Raiders is the place to be asap. Maybe that’s not as easy a sell at the moment given their form and the words of Stuart, Hodgson and some in the media.


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