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1 davies

2 Hall

3 Doyle , for a young lads second appearance to play at that level catching high bombs under pressure scoring tries that still needs scoring when he got the ball . If he was in a super league team they would be calling him a future international. Well played. 

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1. Johnny D, by a distance I thought. What a player he is.

2. Hall

3. Locky

Special mention to all the young 'uns once again, they all stood up to be counted and should be proud of that performance. Doyle's execution of those chances was outstanding and belied his age; he's got that wee bit of swagger about him and he looks like he's going to be some player.

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Johnny Davies, what a solid performance



Hats off to all the players doing a shift in that heat, I applaud you 👏👏👏

R.I.P Luke Coopers scrum cap, served him 11 years and finally bit the dust at Wembley 

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Im Fev and im proud

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It is only Monday and Davies has already scored 57 votes.   If you remember Feb 2020 Chisholm scored over 50 and we gave him 4 points for winning. The same goes for Davies. However as already stated it is only Monday. If by the end of the week he has scored over 100 then he deserves and will get 5 points as winner. Nobody near him in the voting. Second is Hall with 20 ands third Chisholm with 14. If any body objects to my statement please let me know. I am still trying to get a presentation so lets go forward together. ,

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