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I’m a bit late on here, but I’ve only just got over Sunday!

When a team records its highest score, it’s bound to be against us.

When a new player for a club scores a hat trick, it’s bound to be against us.

When a coach starts with a win at a new club, it’s bound to be against us.

When a team secured its first league victory late in the season, it WAS against us!


How we conspired to bring about our own downfall I’ll never know. A penalty awarded and it’s a dead cert goal, we run it and drop the ball first pass. We tried a drop goal on the first tackle, a little too far to one side and missed.

Then, as the hooter sounded we tried another, this time from a young lad, who, with a long career ahead of him and gaining experience, is going to avoid that sort of kick.

Well done to Swinton for playing on whilst most of the team, along with supporters, watched what developed.

Oh, the ignominy of it all. 

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Legs, Dews, Legs.
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