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NRL Match Thread - Round 25 2021

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31min:  Tesi Niu try? Sent to bunker ... no try.

80m move by Bronx, mainly long break by Farnworth who kicked ahead and "grounded" by Niu. Unfortunately, after 80m Niu dropped it in the last 5cm.

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31 minutes ago, Farmduck said:

24min: Payne Haas off with possible ankular or footular injury. He needed the golf cart to get back to the sheds.

Was having another strong game particularly his after contact metrerage. Last week he set a season record  of over 120 ACM.

Has earned his rest prior to season 2022. Has he a chance of being named  2021 prop of the year to replicate his 2020 award?

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Score Summary

K. Hetherington 7, C. Oates 15, H. Farnworth 35, A. Milford 43, S. Cobbo 51, T. Niu 61 Tries E. Tuala 28, S. To'a 48, J. Johns 65, C. Randall 68
H. Farnworth 8, H. Farnworth 17, H. Farnworth 36, H. Farnworth 44, H. Farnworth 53 Conversions J. Clifford 49, J. Clifford 66, J. Clifford 69
A. Milford 76 Field Goals
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Blimey, Tom really wanted to get his hat-trick before Jake!

"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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