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NRL Match Thread - Round 25 2021

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Then about 3 minutes later, Part 2. Matt Lodge, Kane Evans, Jarrod Wallace all go to the bin.

Very stupid by Titans players if they miss a game next week.

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9min: Nick Meaney try.

Meaney misses the goal

4 - 0


That was after the Tigers had 3 repeat sets inside the Dogs 10m. Dogs got to the attacking end once and scored.

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They played on for 2 tackles then stopped because they sent the golf cart out for Talau, who was on the far side of the field. The cart couldn't get around the ground and had to drive across the playing surface.

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Wow! Doggies wuz robbed there. They successfully challenged a ball strip and won. But in real time, Hetherington had gathered the ball and gone over for a try. Challenge took it back to where the ball was stripped.

Meaney kicks penalty.

Doges 12 - 0


Luciano Leilua HIA.

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41min: Hetherington scores behind the posts after Wests bungle the high kick.

Meaney goal

Dogs 22 - 0


That's enough for me. Keep Maguire, sack everyone else.

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Gonna be an interesting last episode of Tales from Tiger Town following this performance. I did think the Dogs could sneak a win but this is an absolute trouting.

Concord tomorrow morning


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When the pinch comes the common people will turn out to be more intelligent than the clever ones. I certainly hope so.

George Orwell


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