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On 09/09/2021 at 10:19, newbe said:

Listening to what is happening in League1, I think there could a few clubs joining the community league's be it  up north or south. Could raise the profile of the game. Should make some tasty games.

It's happened before and those clubs that did have now all gone.

Carlsberg don't do Soldiers, but if they did, they would probably be Brits.


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15 hours ago, thebrewxi said:

Can teams pay their players in the NCL or the southern conference if they go down and have the money to pay them? Or are they strictly amateur? 

The last time it happened they were allowed to keep their squads on terms. They all still failed as they lost RFL finance input. ( and couldn't compete on the park for a full season )

The 'quid pro quo ' was that the NCL secured a probable  100 k + investment for their organisation and clubs. 

No sign of any of that happening at present this time around.......

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9 minutes ago, bowes said:

Chorley did quite well after dropping into the NCL and got elected back into the league after a couple of seasons. Nottingham and Blackpool ended up struggling really badly though.

My memory fades a bit Bowes but I'm not sure their record was much better than the rest.

Eddie Hemmings  (  Blackpool Tower etc )  their multi millionaire  backer  eventually pulled the plug -  yet another rich guy not cultivated properly by the RFL . Chairman Lindsay Hoyle pleaded their cause more than once before the NCL committee in his true union rep way ( Leyland Motors. steward ? )  Graeme West and Steve Hampson once coached.

The inability to embrace expansion over the years  -- Carlisle Scarborough Mansfield to name just a few -has to be the biggest failing of the RFL in the 21st century.

As for Chorley they  are now the Panthers , a truly solid community club with all that is needed - fields , clubhouse, teams at all age groups - where do you think that the likes of Joss Charnley and others learned their trade before being polished up by the likes of St Pats before going pro ?

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