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Ralph Rimmer gives an Interview

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I also noticed how Johnson jumped in to answer questions for Rimmer and thought the same, that is his response could be awkward.

My concern is News Corp now have their tentacles all around the Australian game as they intended back when all the Super League rubbish started. Will they be the third party or something aligned with them but in another name? Could the stripping back of the English game be for a rebuild in future years as they did in Australia.

I love the tradition of our game but it seems to be getting lost in the pursuit of TV money. How can the British game turn it's back on half it's clubs? Kevin Brown may say we have the best product but it is not reflected in attendances, same goes for in Australia.

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I re-ran the BBC interview and my thoughts on it are:

1.  That they envisage some external funding/investment that is not sadly the NRL. Alarm Bells!

2.  10 and 10 might be dullsome for the fans, but the accountant led logic seems to have convinced them.

3.  Nines are being mooted as our Hundreds. 

4.  Wishy, washy, vague, making it up as you go along.

What purpose would external funding be used for? I'd hope for the likes of development officers, loans/grants to improve facilities or schemes to better player/coach/referee skills. Or even campaigns to boost game attendance. Probably not though. 

As for the nines, could we see say 6/7 rounds of Nines tournaments around RLworld?  It has been mooted down under enough like that.


I had hoped for some vaguely "collective" marks of fiscal unity and solidarity, where the big boys support the minions. Like a small levy of Super League gate earnings?  Marquee salary transaction tax? Unified marketing or regional academies than club, Nope.

We need a RL Robin Hood.


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58 minutes ago, Dallas Mead said:

£145,000 a year too apparently, for some uninspiring mumblings.  Ridiculous how he’s the “head” of the Sport.

I think its a fair bit more than that isn't it? £200k inc pension contributions. 

I'm not one for blindly criticising heads of the governing body, but his interviews and reluctance to be open with us is just not good enough. Why is he being so secretive about nothing issues (like an England game)? 

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