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Can Saints Make It Four-in-a-Row?

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Welsby and Dodd are very good. Particularly Welsby who is developing into an exceptional player.

Unless others step up then Saints will be favourites come next October as I don't think they are going to get worse.

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I don't think that we will. Coote is a huge loss and as good as Welsby is, to slot in at full back will still take time. I am not sure if Hopoate will be an upgrade on Naiqama, Dodd is good but is still a teenager and may struggle at times, which is to be expected. LMS and Amor are a year older and time may catch up with them.

We have also had a very good run with injuries for several years which is unlikely to sustain for a further season. It is very difficult to do 3 in a row, there's a reason why few teams in any sport do it (and a reason why even less do 4 in a row).

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Although the score was close, the end result was always going to be a Saints win. Plus they won the Cup, and so had to peak twice. In league express last week, MS have his view that there was as little prospect of anyone getting close to them over the next few years as when Wigan were in our pomp. 

They will be clear favourites with daylight a distant second for at least the next couple of years.

There are too many flaws in coaching youth development (with Wigan’s being too much of it, and most others too little) or recruitment pretty much everywhere else. Given that we have already seen most of the recruitment for next year, it is clear that no one else is really stepping up. It is exactly as we were back in the late 80s/early 90s. 

So, I think that they will certainly win at least a couple more, and would be favourites for 6 in a row; though before ever smaller crowds, especially given the tedious efficient grinding approach. It is possible though by 2024 there will be a credible challenger if there is a sudden decline or they get hit by injuries (or referees improve). 

Next year will be much better as, NRL permitting, we will have a World Cup to focus on, and so can pretty much ignore the 4th win and focus on the build up to that. 

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4 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:

I don't think you'd want to bet against Saints at least making the Final next year. 

As we saw last night, it then comes down to fine margins - last night could easily have gone the other way.

It isn't St Helens 'fault'. It's really up to the other teams to get to that level. But are there teams that look like they might match Saints next season (apart from Catalans again)? Leeds? Wire? Wigan? Hull? Not really....

I think my team (Leeds) will be much stronger next year, we’ve played this year without any sort of settled half back pairings (I think weve had 16 different combinations  this year)

The young kids are a year older and hopefully Walker is back injury free. This means weve got 3 good halfbacks plus Myler as cover, we’ve also got back a very talented kid in Corey Johnson who could be like a new signing if he fulfils his promise.

We are short of a prop and a winger, I think the club will rectify that in the off season.


Im not suggesting we will be as good as Saints but I think we’ll see is back to something like again.

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