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Redcliffe Dolphins chosen as preferred NRL expansion club

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10 hours ago, The Great Dane said:

I'm not the one being selective you are! Well, that or you've just got NFI, probably the latter to be fair.

Until very recently (the last half decade) Port Adelaide were the smallest and least successful of the AFL's expansion clubs in their heartlands outside of Vic. They've historically struggled financially, and struggled to grow their support base outside of the rough North East of the city.

Even they, and the more reasonable amongst their fans, will tell you one of the main reasons why that was is because they failed to attract as many supporters from across the city as initially expected, and that a significant part of the reason why that was is because of their history. A significant portion of the population of Adelaide simply refused to support Port because they are Port.

They're turning things around now, but it's largely because of good fortune not good management, or rather the good management of others.

Basically what's happened over the last decade is that the Crows have sold out all their ticketed memberships, and fans have to pay to go on long waiting lists before they can buy one. This has had a flow on effect for Port where a lot people abandon the wait for a Crows membership and buy a Port one out of convenience and it's boosted the club's growth. Same thing happened in Perth with Freo BTW.

Obviously that's good for Port, but there's no reality where Broncos sell out their ticketed memberships in our lifetime. So Redcliffe will have to build their support base off their own back, and frankly it'll take generations of changing attitudes before they are capable of doing that.

I know and the same will be true of Redcliffe. That's the problem...

There aren't enough existing Redcliffe fans and their descendants to support a strong NRL club, so if the club is to be a success they'll have to find a way to attract a lot of new fans, many of whom (most considering gap in the Brisbane market that there is for a new NRL club to fill) have long histories of supporting and playing for the Dolphins rivals and are going to be resistant to supporting them as a result.

It's especially bad in a market like Brisbane where it was well within the NRL's means to build a club that could have rivalled the Broncos in size. We could have had the RL equivalent of Man Utd vs Man City, instead we've chosen to have Man Utd vs Bolton Wanderers.

Your biggest problem on this forum is that you lash out and find need to try and belittle your colleagues here. I am pleased to say I do have a effin idea.

You speak about Port Adelaide as if you are enlightening me and your wisdom counters my argument. Neither objective was fulfilled.

I know that Redcliffe have SFA supporters now. That’s my point. I’m not gonna go on about it, lest have you rant and rave for about five paragraphs, rehashing common knowledge. 

I suggest you try and be a little more objective on this forum rather than trying to score points and denigrate other posters. Who knows, the day might come where you do say something insightful and other members may actually be inclined to listen.

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On 30/10/2021 at 22:40, The Great Dane said:

Their 'diversified' portfolio seems to be tiny when you actually look into it, which is hard because they're extremely secretive about it and all the clubs finances. It seems to amount to their stadium (not a money spinner BTW), a small shopping arcade, a gym/aquatic centre, and a seemly small amount of residential. It's almost all built on land directly connected to the leagues club as well.

I also never claimed that LC's were illegal, but they are slowly starting to be legislated out of existence in most states/territories because of their reliance on gambling, hence why most of the successful clubs (in all sports) are moving away from them as fast as they can.

BTW, recent boosts pushed by on field success aside, the Panthers are not a particularly successful club commercially. It's less than a decade since they almost went broke (the last time), and they are only in the position that they are now because of forgiven debts and millions of dollars in angel investment that Phil Gould secured from James Packer.

Benefiting from corruption and pork barrelling may be 'effective lobbying' in your book, but in most other people's it's just immoral and only a matter of time before it catches up with you.

It's a hell of a rabbit hole if you are willing to follow it- https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/millions-in-public-money-poured-into-dolphins-dash-to-be-nrl-ready-20200720-p55dqi.html

Wrong again.

News limited (owner of the Broncos and vested interest in other regards) hand picking them won them the 17th spot in the NRL- https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/10/08/they-would-cannibalise-the-broncos-why-brisbane-prefer-redcliffe-bid/

Nothing of the sort.

I just actually pay attention to what's going on and actually care what's best for RL, and what's best for RL isn't another shitbox suburban club squatting on a license and adding nothing to the league.

Yeah I mean why go with an existing club with over 50 years’ heritage, a strong brand with great stories to tell drawn from that heritage, existing community pathways and a decent asset base (even though it’s nature offends your particular morals), when we can create a brand new one with all the downsides that equally entails


Most start-ups would kill for a Dolphins-like platform. As would pretty much every SL club outside of perhaps Leeds. Personally (once we accept the Brisbane location whereas I’d have gone to Perth), I’d have thought it nuts to go with any of the other alternatives presented. 

You want them to move away from a Leagues Club model like “most clubs” have, well that can only be realistically done through media rights, which they can only do once they’re in the NRL. So good news!

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