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Andorra rugby league


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A club has suddenly appeared on Facebook with a logo a nickname and a new shirt! 

I hope it's a real team and not another one of the phantoms teams to sell a bit of merchandise etc 

Everything on the page is in English and a chance to buy the shirt in both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Seems very similar to other ventures that never really happened.







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There is a rugby union team that plays in the French league (Not too sure what level) in Andorra Le Vella.

We had a ski apartment in Canillo for 10 + years until my wife had an accident 3 years ago and got rid of it so we know the place well visiting 3 times a year between December to April.

Any rugby league team would be 100% French driven who make up I think around 10/15% of the population the majority being Catalan where its the national language in Andorra.

The place all sounds romantic low or no taxes etc however after a few days one gets bored out of ones head and the prices have risen drastically over the last few years apart from the fact that there are a lot of fake goods on sale.

I don't miss it one little bit and the travel time from Perpignan being 3 half hours is a nightmare up and down up and down. The French and Spanish sides are much more interesting..


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