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MOM Featherstone v Wakefield


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Hardcastle(looks like a 2nd rower these days)



Wildie(wasn’t over excited when we resigned him but happy to be proven wrong)


I don’t think Gill has come over from aus to not play and he looks capable. No idea where he fits in though! 

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Great team effort, defence looks to be coming together nicely and as mentioned elsewhere we now need to work on our cutting edge with ball in hand, particularly near the opposition's line. With a bit more composure/organisation we could have built a big lead by half-time.

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At 9pm tonight the voting looks as follows: Widie 12, Hardcastle and Bussey 10 each, Smith on 7, Hall on 2 and JSL on 1. More votes please. 7 voters after the game on the same day is a good start. The more we get the better our request for a presentation even if it is a combined one.

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Difficult to pick 3 as it was a good team effort.  

1. Smith.  Looked lively and great solo try

2.  Hardcastle. Played like he had a point to prove.  

3.  Moors. Should still be in SL

Wildie, Hall, Bus, Gill not far behind. 

Hope Koppy is ok but with Connor J  on the touchline, Joey on his way and Chizzy....being rested by the RFL to give the others a chance - we're looking strong.

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I will give it until Saturday afternoon as before then I will start by opening up the voting for Mondays match against York. Please keep voting as the more participants we get the better chance of a presentation. UTR. I will as we have played SL teams keep the votes made so far in the overall results.

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Right I am closing the voting for the Wakefield match. The winner was Hardcastle with 28 votes, second was Bussey with 21 and third very closely was Wildie with 20. The overall position shows Bussey leading with 5 with Hardcastle and Wildie both on 3, Gale and Briscoe have 1 vote each. Now onto the York game.

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